Welcome to the web site of KONČAR - High Voltage Switchgear Inc.

KONČAR - High Voltage Switchgear Inc. is one of the companies joined in Group KONCAR - Electrical Industries Inc.

KONČAR – HVS   is manufacturing high voltage equipment, as follows:

  • Circuit breakers 123 kV – 420 kV,
  • Disconnectors & earthing switches 72.5 – 420 kV and
  • Metal clad SF6 isolated high voltage switchgear GIS 72.5 – 145 kV

As such, KONČAR-HVS equipment is in service and operation for more than 50 years, worldwide.

Our goal is to exceed the quality expectations of our customers, therefore KONČAR HVS strictly follows ISO and OHSAS standards and type tests equipment in internationally approved and recognised labs such as CESI, KEMA, IET.

This commitment starts with top management and extends through the entire organization. It is achieved through innovation, technical excellence and continuous improvement.