Production of high-voltage switchgear is one of the most important factors of history and tradition of the Končar company. Production of high-voltage switchgear (72.5 - 123 kV) began in 1948 and was one of the first of its kind in the broader region of Southeast Europe when Končar got license from French company "Merlin - Gerin". Extension of voltage level up to 420 kV followed in 1964, when company moved to its current location on Borongaj. Big step forward in development of switchgear happened in 1976 when Končar purchased a license from German company "Siemens" to manufacture gas circuit breakers and metalclad, gas insulated switchgear (GIS), based on SF6 gas as an arc-quenching medium.

In 1991 the company Končar – High Voltage Switchgear Inc. was founded as a successor to the former high voltage equipment company following the restructure of the Končar company for the purpose of adopting to the principles of open market business. New company has taken steps for optimization and further production development. Following optimization of the existing structure of SF6 circuit breaker until 2004, company completed development of a new generation of SF6 circuit breakers (123 - 420 kV) that have been successfully type-tested and validated in substations around the world. During that period, company also successfully completed the development of a new type of disconnector (72.5 - 550 kV) and gas-insulated switchgear (123-145 kV). New organization, leadership, business and financial independence, personal development, marketing orientation and quality assurance have led to a strong and modern company that can overcome all challenges of international business. Activity in accordance with quality management (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001) systems are best indicator of concern about the overall production process.


Customer satisfaction and investment in development are fundamental principles that the company wants to keep in future and ensure themselves a permanent place on the world map of high voltage switchgear producers.